The Natural Beauty Routine

Most of us look in the mirror on a daily basis before getting into the shower and say, “uggh.” Whatever your beauty concerns, you have conditioned yourself to say this every day and eventually it becomes integrated into your belief system as fact. Now we all have our bad days, myself included, but focusing on all your flaws is damaging to your self esteem. The way you view yourself is the way others view you as well and you will never feel beautiful thinking this way.

Let’s face it, we all have our flaws, but we can use them to our advantage. Instead, look in the mirror, into your own eyes and say to yourself, “I am beautiful.” Believe it with all your heart and just as you have conditioned yourself to focus negatively on all your flaws, just the opposite will happen. Walk away from the mirror with confidence and not only will you see it, but so will the others around you.

Outer Beauty

Body Care:

First take a warm shower and use a vegan soap to wash with. (Chandakra $1.39) For shampoo and conditioner, try (Giovanni’s organic $7.99) they make a formula for every hair type and you’ll love the results! When coming out of the shower, you just want to pat dry your skin with a towel and add a natural moisturizer if it feels dry. (Burt’s Bees $8.99)

Facial Care:

Apply a tinted moisturizer, choosing the appropriate color for your skin tone. If you want a more sun kissed glow, you can go a little darker than your skin tone and it still looks perfectly natural. A little goes a long way. (Physicians Formula $10.69) Follow with a blush also according to your skin tone. Try rosy cheeks in the winter and a sun kissed bronzer for the summer. (Physicians Formula $12.39)

Don’t pile on the makeup! Instead, choose some of your boldest features and make them POP! Maybe it’s your eyebrows or your cheek bones, play them up! Give your eyes a lift by curling your eyelashes with a curler, being careful not to pull as you curl, and last, hydrate your lips and add a little shine with a moisturizing lip balm. (Yes to Carrots $2.99)

Nail Care:

Give yourself a home pedicure/manicure in minutes! Have a nail kit on hand for your feet and hands as well as foot and hand lotion (Burt’s Bees $8.99) and my absolute favorite- cuticle cream from Burt’s Bees ($.2.99) Cut your nails when your just getting out of the shower, when your nails are soft to prevent chipping or damage. Next get to work on filing and buffing and whatever else you’d like to use. Follow up with a moisture rich cream and the Burt’s Bees lemon cuticle cream.

Enjoy your new routine for a new you and keep me posted on how it’s working for you. All of the products I have mentioned can be found between these three stores as follows: Target, Wegmans and whole foods. If you’re an online shopper just Google the names and find the best deal for you.