Understanding a Crohn’s Disease

Understanding a Crohn’s Disease

Sufferers of Crohn’s disease deal daily with abdominal discomfort and a lot more. For the mildly afflicted there is discomfort and pain almost daily. As well there is more gas than the average person, which can be quite embarrassing. Not to mention the fact that there can be very sudden requirements to use the toilet.

Dealing with Food and Alcohol for Crohn’s Sufferers

Someone with Crohn’s disease has to constantly be aware of everything that s/he eats. Indigestion is common, even with medications. Yes, some medications make it so that the person can eat just about anything, but too much of a good thing can be not only uncomfortable, but very painful and even dangerous. Try not to serve spicy or oily foods, as these are most likely to inflame the bowels.

Most Crohn’s sufferers should not drink alcohol of any sort, although many will in small quantities. Try not to pressure someone you know who has Crohn’s to drink at all: even a toast for New Year’s or the nation’s birthday can be uncomfortable.

Helping Accommodate the Average Crohn’s Sufferer

Accommodating someone at home or in the workplace is also appreciated. At home there are sometimes issues with “bathroom hogging”, especially in a house with teenagers. The person with Crohn’s must make sure that everyone understands that sometimes there can be extreme urgency in getting to the bathroom. And support from all adults in the house is required for this! At the workplace, make sure that offices are located within reasonable distance of a washroom. It can be quite difficult to get across a 16,000 square foot office in a hurry. And there is nothing more embarrassing than not making it in time!

Understanding Minor Embarrassments

It’s not uncommon to see someone with a bowel disorder clutch the stomach and wince, even when there is no apparent cause. This is an indication of gas or inflammation that is causing pain or discomfort. It is sometimes hard to ignore, but many sufferers would prefer that those around them simply act normal when this occurs. Flatulence is another embarrassing side effect of the Crohn’s disease. While this is harder to ignore, comments about it are often taken as rude or at least make the sufferer uncomfortable, as there really is nothing that can be done if the medications do not make it go away. And some sufferers do not take their medications regularly because they are very expensive. This can be an issue, too.

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